Themis Fiskeri

Fishing for the future

Themis Fiskeri A/S is a pelagic shipping company with home port in Skagen. For generations we have lived from fishing, and it is therefore very close to our hearts that the next several generations should also have this opportunity. That is why development and sustainability are very high on our agenda.

Sustainable fishing

Themis Fiskeri is a family-run pelagic shipping company that had its origins over 400 years ago in Sweden, but has also established roots in Denmark over generations. The families live on the small island, Rörö, which lies in the Swedish archipelago. Our ship S144 Themis has its home port in Skagen, just as our office is also conveniently located by the quay at the port in Skagen. In order to secure fishing for future generations, we will do our best to work as gently and long-term as possible. Through an extensive project, we are in the process of concrete and targeted work, based on 5 of the UN’s 17 global goals. We believe that through action we create transformation, and we believe in the future.

FN's world goals

For generations, Themis has fished for both consumption and processing. This is always based on a sustainable approach to fish stocks, a healthy and clean marine environment and good social conditions, as well as high safety at sea. We want to run our business in a way that maximizes our positive impact on society and the environment. That is why we work purposefully with the UN’s global goals, and believe that action today has significance for the next generation tomorrow.

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